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  • Elektrikz.com


    I recently launched an e-mobility vehicles comparison platform. It sill needs some tweaks and improvement on interface but i don’t like waiting. I wanted to include vehicles from different categories such as scooters and mini EV cars. You can visit here

  • Openbike – Next Level E-bikes

    Openbike – Next Level E-bikes

    Recently i have been working on a small application to enhance the simple electric bikes and scooters with a mobile application. App connects via bluetooth to a current measuring module located between controller and battery of the vehicle to read voltage and current data. Later we can match the data with GPS speed from smartphone […]

  • Electric Generation with Pedal to Raise Awareness on Sustainibility

    Electric Generation with Pedal to Raise Awareness on Sustainibility

    Electric generation with pedaling might be a great tool to raise awareness on electric consumption and sustainability We recently created an indoor trainer device with electric generation and storage capabilities. We can also measure and display generated electricity and live power output with a smartphone app Users can see how much power they have generated […]

  • Electric Bike & Scooter Simulation Game

    Electric Bike & Scooter Simulation Game

    I published my first game in Google Play market this week. Yay! 250Watts is a simple tool & mini game to test and compare various micromobility vehicles such as electric bikes, electric scooters and uniwheels. You can choose from 9 different vehicle types with different motor powers and test their performance and power consumption with […]